08 April 2014

One Photo Twenty Words

I miss these girls, miss them being toddlers. Grown, I am proud of the woman they have become. Emily. Candace.

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07 April 2014

Sleepover with the Small Frye

How lucky are we?! Small Frye's Mama and Daddy had a dinner to attend Friday night and the Chosen One and I felt like a sleepover was in order. The Chosen One thought he'd have to work late Friday and had a going away party to attend but somehow he managed to make it home early enough to go with me to pick up Small Frye from daycare.  Nothing melts your heart like seeing a child jumping up and down, screaming BellaLee and pleading with his teacher to open the door from the playground.

It was a gorgeous and warm day. small Frye had been playing outside hard so of course ice cream was in order. We headed to Goodberry's and while the Chosen One waited for our order Small Frye got quite a shock. He was standing by the large fountain watching the water when a gust of wind blew a fair amount of water straight into his face! He handled it well but kept a far distance from the fountain after that.  The boy adores blueberries and had his own take on going blueberry picking...Sal from the book has nothing on him.

I needed to get some exercise in so we headed to the Art Museum grounds which have part of the city/county's greenways running through it. We took a really long walk, pondering the artwork, the grass, the pots of water for dogs and sticks. 

Small Frye was diligent about clearing the sticks that were on one side of the greenway. Evidently he had no problem with them being on the other side, that's where he threw them. The Chosen One started Small Frye's training so maybe one day they can race together.

A little backyard ball and a patio dinner before The Chosen One headed off to his party.

Small Frye had a bath, snuggled up for some reading then went to sleep. 

His parents have done an amazing job with bedtime. You put him down, say his prayers with him, kiss goodnight and he scrunches up and is quiet as a mouse.....until 6:30 am. Honestly, he was still quiet just standing up in the pack and play. 

Dressed and hungry he played with the farm that first came into our family 24 years ago while I cooked up some bacon, pancakes and eggs. 

He got in more ball time with the Chosen One before he left for his 13 mile run. Ball time for the two of us then a bit of indoor play and Sesame Street before we headed out for fun. We went to the State Farmer's Market for some veggies...and cookies for the guys....and flowers for the girls.

One more stop at the Observation Park at RDU's "airpork" to watch some planes take off then it was time to drop the little guy off at his home.  His parents are so thankful any time we spend time with Davis. His Daddy is the world's very best thank you note writer so I did have to sit him down and get him to understand they were not necessary. We love all three of them like they are our own and we feel very lucky that they are in our lives. Two more days and I get to do my Wednesday pickup and cherish as his Mama says on her blog "a dose of D...."