20 August 2015

Throwing It Back


Proof that people were doing selfies before cameras on phones! God bless these three, when I sent them off with my camera and requested that it come back with pics including at least one of the three of them together they always obliged. They took this on the way home from a fishing trip. I think someone at lunch remembered they hadn't gotten it yet ;)

19 August 2015

Wednesday .... with words

Looking forward to sleeping with this bed hog for a few nights

15 August 2015

Sharing on Saturdays

Hi friends, I hope you are having a glorious weekend. I am feeling very crafty and inspired so here are some things I have going on and others that are on this week's list.

I am expecting 2 great nephews, one this month and one in October. They are my first and I am very excited. The shower for WHB4 was in June. Now, baby Sister and I are getting ready for the shower for HLB. Today I am finishing the wreath, his shower isn't for a few more weeks so you only get a sneak peek to which I am sure you are going to think  "ummm, interesting" lol

Earlier this week, my Arizona friend, Deb encouraged us to make mandalas from nature so I thought why not, this won't make a mess and the end result won't add to the clutter I am slowly trying to rid us off.  It's far from magnificent but here it is.

You want to see Deb's, right?! Notice, I very smartly showed mine first so you didn't have the gloriousness of hers in your mind lol You can read her thoughts on nature mandalas here.

My friend, Melissa blogs over at Daily Life: Bits & Pieces. I love how Melissa's faith shines through in so much of what she does and how she embraces life. She was the first person I saw to Faith Journal and I loved it. Now, I used to be one of those people that gasped at the thought of writing in my Bible but I have fully embraced it since those early years. My Bible is getting a bit raggedy but I know I won't ever replace it because of all the notes and highlights. I have been researching Faith Journaling and the bible I will use for that purpose arrived yesterday. Illustrated Faith is a great site for information and inspiration but I found Lauren's post Welcome to My Bible Journaling: Heart in the Margins answered so many of my questions. I love that Lauren acknowledges (as do I) that there may people that cannot imagine writing much less doing art in the Bible. I love that several times she points out that we are all different and that's okay. Personally I know I won't be covering any of God's Word, I'll be sticking to the margins for any medium that would obscure the text. I also know bleed through would drive me bonkers so I'll probably gesso my pages. I don't want something like that to be a distraction from my study.

Melissa is going to be teaching 2 classes but Texas is just too far of a commute :(

Saturdays usually mean brunch at our house. The Chosen One runs 7-10 miles so by the time he gets home around 10 The Pirate and I are ready to eat. Today I made a spinach, bacon, manchego quiche with hash browns as the crust. I'm in a cooking mood which the Chosen One always is grateful for. I might even get to feed all my boys tonight which always makes this heart happy.

Wow, I have been in a blogging drought but I think we had a rainfall with this post!

This week I need to complete 2 commissioned pieces, design some invitations, finish up some note cards and work on getting my Etsy shop back up to speed. I am hoping to get my toes wet during my devotion time with faith journaling.

What have you been doing, tell me about it in the comments and if you have a link, share it?  I also welcome your thoughts on writing and art journaling in holy books. But as Lauren says in her post Bottom line: we can all choose to respect each other and our different schools of thought when it comes to this sort of thing.  Let’s be kind to ourselves and to each other.