15 March 2015

Song of Praise - Glorious Day

Casting Crowns lead singer, Mark Hall recently shared on Facebook that he has cancer of the kideny. He asked for prayers and he has been on my mind and heart this week. His surgery was a few days ago and everything went well.

14 March 2015

Sharing on Saturday

You know I can't let this week approach and not share some Saint Patrick's day ideas. I think the avocado yogurt dip and Leprechuan Fudge sound like possible contenders here. I will absolutely be making colcannon, it's become a tradition.

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crate & barrel spin hurricane vase hack

12 March 2015

Liberate Your Art


This year for the first time I participated in Liberate Your Art. LYA an art postcard exchange created by Kat Sloma of Kat Eye Studio in Oregon. You send 5 postcards of your original artwork, 6 stamps and self addressed labels (for her to send other postcards to you). On the back of each card you write a chatty little note and Kat adds the address label and stamp provided by the recipient. You are encouraged to but not required to turn your mailing envelope into Mail Art. Can you imagine how fun it is being her mailperson?!  A cool side note that Kat lives in the same Oregon town that one of my goddesses lived in, the place where one of my Greenville babies was born. She'll be doing it again in 2016 so if you are interested be sure to follow her blog or keep an eye out from me and other bloggers about when sign up begins. I found out about it from one of my favorites, Rinda at Gallo Organico.

I ordered my postcards from Vistaprint since I have always had great experiences with them. I had to order 5o but that was okay because I was going to spread the love all over. The piece I was using was "Love Out Loud" simply because I love the message.


Unfortunately they did not give me a low resolution warning but once they arrived they definitely were. I was even more disappointed because I had the backs printed with the title of my piece, my name and info, ugh, it cut off part of the blog address.

At that point I was feeling pretty disillusioned and thinking I'm going to have to withdraw then I took the time to reread the resource page Kat provided. I could print my own pics then adhere them to heavy cardstock and draw out the postcard back. But wait!!! I could just adhere to the back of the failed postcards, marking through the title and fixing the blog address. Whhoohhoo!

It may sound silly but I got the biggest thrill seeing my artwork come out of the printer. My mermaid has been sent off to Oregon where my art will be fully liberated to 6 mailboxes somewhere on planet Earth. I'm excited about hearing where they land and seeing what arrives in my mailbox.

I just happen to have extra postage...domestic and international so if you would like one of my original art postcards leave a comment here and if you aren't sure I have your address email me at neusebrats{at}aol{dot}com. I can only take 10 international requests. This offer ends Wednesday, March 18th.